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Where Innovation

meets sustainability

Embark on a journey through pillars symbolising the core elements of our comprehensive brand management service offering, designed to build, promote, and sustain businesses for the future. 


"Igniting Potential"  Tailored Solutions for Emerging Ventures.

Small Business

"Growth Catalys" Strategies for Small Businesses on the Rise.

Medium- Size

"Strategic Fortification" Navigating Success for Mid-Size Companies.


"Brand Audits"  An essential tool 

for informed decision-making.


Our distinctive strength as a core team of professionals lies in our 30-year organic growth, characterised by a holistic approach to developing, managing, and promoting company brands, fostering sustainable growth.

Branding Solutions

Featured Services

Digital Marketing

We specialise in Paid media marketing, content marketing, SEO, marketing strategy and design. 

Brand Management

This is a deliberate process of crafting, maintaining and enhancing a brand's identity and reputation. It involves strategic decision-making.

Brand Risk Strategy

 Through thorough monitoring, proactive measures, and strategic planning, we help safeguard your brand’s integrity and ensure its long-term success in the marketplace.


We are a registered Trade-Only Supplier of Promotional Items and Clothing. We also have established partnerships with Signage and Printing Companies to provide clients reliable and cost effective services.

Featured Projects

Brand Design
SBS Accountants | Small Business

SBS Accountants, a small professional firm, reached out to NSBrand through a referral from a reputable Chartered Accounting Firm, which engaged NSBrand extensively for brand development and marketing materials..

Brand Management
Everflo Industrial Refrigeration | Medium to Large Enterprise

Everflo is ranked among the top 5 Industrial Refrigeration manufacturers in the world. NSBrandExperience initially developed its brand some 18 years ago and today we offer Everflo a complete brand management service.

Identity Development
Complete IT Solutions  |  Small to Medium Size Enterprise

The owner of Complete IT engaged NSBrand to conduct a Brand Audit and revamp their brand upon joining the Not-for-Profit Business Association, First Business Wellness. NSBrand, a founding member of FBW, is dedicated to supporting SMEs through a holistic approach.

Startup Brand Development Support
Afri Origin Trading | Startup 

Deidre Labuschagne, with an outstanding record as General Manager at a prominent wine estate in the Cape, approached NSBrand when she started her own venture.

Our Clients

We have developed brands and worked with companies across most industries and disciplines during the past three decades including SMEs, Corporates, Parastatals, Not for Profit, and Government departments.  The following brands represent some of the most important clients.


Branding Specialists
NSBrand Experience
NSBrand Experience

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Digital Marketing
Cape Dutch Group | Medium Size 

Twenty years ago, Mrs. Brandt, one of the original owners of Cape Dutch, enlisted NSBrand’s assistance with their marketing efforts. Presently, we collaborate with the second-generation owner, Flippie Brandt, to showcase their craftsmanship to the global community.

Brand Audit
Good Hope Fruit | Medium to Large 

Following ten years of developing a range of marketing materials for Good Hope Citrus, NSBrand Experience was approached by the Chairman of Good Hope Fruit, the oldest fruit exporter in South Africa, and the Group Export Company, to conduct a comprehensive Brand Audit.

view brand audit
Atlantis Foods | Large Enterprise

Atlantis Foods, the largest Seafood Supplier in the Southern Hemisphere, participated as a respondent in a Brand Audit for one of NSBrand's clients.

They were highly impressed with the process. Consequently, recognizing the value it could bring to their merging process with another renowned brand, they approached NSBrand to conduct a similar audit for them.

Brand Strategy
NSBrand Experience | 3 Decades 

A company has many layers of brand components, including service, quality,

price, product basket, client relations, and brand personality.


We offer a clear vision and brand-new experiences.

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