Here are a few examples, which will be addressed in a Brand Audit to minimise risk.

In our current strategy

  • Is there something we forgot?

  • Is there a market out there that someone forgot about, and therefor our current decisions are riskier?

  • Was everyone who needed to be involved, involved? (stakeholders / value chain)

  • Is there a possibility of a communication breakdown that will grind the current strategy to a halt?

  • Are we making the wisest choices with the limited resources we have?

  • Can we confidently tick all the boxes on the list of differentiators?

  • When you know what people say about your competitors, you can adjust your own actions accordingly to become better than them. 

       Do we know enough about our competitors to ensure a competitive advantage?

  • Are our clients and prospective clients familiar with our unique selling proposition?

  • Are we confident that all the elements of our brand components are relevant and effective?

  • Measuring your brand equity is important when expanding operations, establishing new markets or simply want to maintain your position in the marketplace.

       Do you know what your brand equity is?