Alexander as a Poet

As a poet Alex has published in the following major literary journals

• NEW CONTRAST: Issue 174 / Voyage Edition

• NORTHRIDGE REVIEW: Inaugural Issue / 2017

• BOTSOTSO: Issue 4 / An anthology of South African poetry

Alexander as a Copywriter

The Brand Voice of a company is the way in which one communicates their brand to their audience. 

Alex has produced copywriting for a diverse client base in the areas of websites, brochures, advertising material as well as social media content. Identity and vision intrigue Alex, since it represents the heart of a company.

The example below illustrates Alex's approach.

The following identity was created by NS BrandExperience.

Alexander analysed the Mahuca identity and shared his interpretation on the Mahuca website.

Creating Soluble Conversancy


Mahuca equips organisations with the subtle faculties to discern what the goal of the problem is in the evolution of your business while ensuring your compliance with legislation. Mahuca’s idiosyncrasies are illustrated as a collective force which takes statuesque shape within the symbol of the company.


Mahuca uses two horizontal lines in the symbol of their logo to represent the aspect of human capital as planes of parallel diligence in the company, and the two vertical lines as representatives of the intersecting management of these resources in the company as executive transversals. Together the four lines of the symbol intersect at angles of equality, representing the coordination of elements in the workforce. As an animate asset, we enrich our operative’s power to perform economically effective work, nominating Mahuca as the heart of human capital management.